Routyn: vehicle routing optimization

Routyn is a Fleet routing and scheduling system developed by Wide Scope. It helps companies create vehicle routes and schedules that meet delivery objectives, considering multiple constraints, while minimizing cost and mileage.

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What's so special about Routyn?

We don’t know if it’s because it’s so simple and easy or if it’s because it’s the most complete system you’ve ever seen. We’ll just let you find out.
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How good are Routyn's Optimization algorithms?

Everybody claims breaking optimization world-records. Would you like to see ours? Routyn research is presented and validated in scientific conferences with peer review.
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Read stories of our Customers Success

We love to share our customer’s success. Learn our featured clients story and let us write yours.
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Become a distributor in your country!

We’re growing fast and entering new markets. Grab the opportunity to share our growth. It only comes once in your country!
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Why Choose Us

      • State-of-the-art optimization algorithms based on published research
      • Solid and fast growth company
      • Experienced team of PhDs and MSc.
      • Full worldwide support

What Client’s Say

Routyn gave us a whole new perspective about our distribution network and territories.
João Tavares, Danone